First Entry

Hello all.

My name is Ahmetia Campbell and I am a procrastinator. I am a 20-year old community college student in New Jersey who dreams of becoming a film maker, but there is a goal that needs to be meet first. Did I say a goal? I meant alot of goals to meet first. Mainly goals of things that have remained half finished and things I have been meaning to do for years to try and "PowerHouse My Way Through Procrastination".

I was considering writing a blog for a couple of weeks now and then as a last minuet decision I went to see Julie&Julia with my best friend. After leaving I mentioned the idea of having my own blog and my friend suggested a blog on procrastination. I was immediately inspired.

Before you think this is a big chance to overcoming, let me tell you what I have put off that I scheduled myself to do today:

5 new caf├ępress designs
Violin Practice
Clean Out My Laptop
Ballet Practice

I did however finished my recent goal of putting together my own cookbook. (I hadn't thought at all of the day to go see Julie&Julia infact I was originally going to see Ponyo, the new Miazaki film.) But this poses a problem as these are mostly new recipes I need to try, and I plan on trying them.

I wanted to get this blog created while it was fresh in my mind at 1am.

Will I continue and overcome my procrastination habit? Or will this just be another unfinished project until I can no longer see the hand infront of my face.

I will soon find out.

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