Excuses Excuses

Were anyone actually following my blog would notice that it has come later then usual. As predicted, I got nothing done yesterday due to the party. Here's where it wasn't predicted: There was an after party after the part that lasted until 10pm, as the after party was drawing to a close, my friend whispered me about sleeping over. I never slept over at her house before and I returned home, grabbed my pj's and returned back her house where we watched the ending of 13 Ghosts and told each other scary stories. After a late night of girly sleep over fun, I expected it wouldn't take to long to return home and get some things done right? Wrong. Once we woke up, my friend made us breakfast as we decided to go to the lake, which meant two of us had to return home to get our swimsuits from yesterday. When we got done an hour had already passed and we stopped at wawa where two of us got icees, and two off us got iced coffee. We spent until 5pm swimming in the lake and then return to her, watch Confessions Of A Shopaholic, chatted and packed up and return home around 8pm.

Now it's almost 9pm and I have a small to do list I should hopefully get some done before I go to bed and get ready for my first day of the semester tomorrow.

Practice Hiragana
Upload Designs
Read And Take Notes On Books (I decided I'll check them out again and give me extra time)
Gaia Posts
Clean E-mail
Practice Belly Dancing

Lets see how this goes.

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