Close But No Cigar

Compared to yesterday, if my fight with procrastination were a race, I would have came in 3rd instead of near last. Yesterday I managed to get alot done even with all the cooking I did that day. I started the day by making Irish Coffee Muffins which could have used a bit of Bailey's. After words I sat at my computer for a while before I went and cleaned the bathroom. After i had finished with the bathroom, I started to make lunch. My mom pulled up a recipe for sticky chicken which turned out to be just a barbecue sauce (which I don't like) covered chicken recipe which would not satisfy with the cooking from my new recipe book.

A while after I finally managed to eat my overcooked lunch, I worked out with my Belly Dance DVD until I was called down for dinner. My sister ended up actually cooking the chicken, I just marinaded it. I returned, sat at the computer until around 7ish when I really started moving on my procrastination list.

I read a few pages and took paragraph of notes from the "The Filmmaker's Handbook" book but not all 205 pages so I can't check that off, but it's something. I sewed strands of hair on the doll trying to make progress. But I made a tiny bald spot disappear. After that I picked up my violin and played for a minuet or two, right now it's about getting back into the habit in a few days I'll make myself sit for at least half an hour to an hour. I practice writing and memorizing hiragana and it took quite a while. Then I tried to practice my calligraphy, and found out my ink had become a sticky gooey mess, tried to thin it with water, didn't work, now I need new quill ink.

Unfortunately, that's all I did, I didn't get around to do the cafepress products, I forgot about my gaia guild, and I didn't read enough book. But that's alright, because I am still ahead and it's a new day. it's almost noon here and today I got to:
Go To The Post Office for dad
Sew Something
Workout With My Ballet DVD
Practice Hiragana
Upload Cafepress Designs
Read 215 Pages Of Book And Take Notes
Post On My Gaia Guild
Figure Out And Submit My Anthropology Project
I should start Leveling A WOW Character

Lets see how today goes. I am in high spirits.

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