Crushing Defeat For The Day

I did not get around to anything but the post office yesterday. After the Thursday near completion I thought Friday was going to be even better, it wasn't even close. But I am not going to let this get me down too much. The Crash Course in procrastination book says that dwelling on a bad day will only make the course worse, that and the road to procrastination is bound to have some drawbacks. I just try and make the drawbacks as few as possible.

Oh well, here's today's to do list:

Finish Steaming Walls (mom and dad apparently want to repaint my room this weekend, Moroccan theme, YAY)
Anthropology Project (late)
Level My WOW Character
Practice Hiragana
Upload Cafepress Products
Read And Take Notes On 250 Pages Of Book
Gaia Guild Posts

Lets see how much gets done today.

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