I am disappointing at how much I didn't get done yesterday.

It started out alright, I finished my blog and got ready to go to the grocery store, I went it took a while, and Chinese food that I tempted my mom into getting was waiting for me. I sat at my desk around 2:30ish and started to take a break and catch up on some Dominic Deegan and chatting with my boyfriend. It was a few hours later that I decided to start on the hallway and cleaned it. It was another few hours later that I saw that it was already 8 pm and at 10pm I cleaned my room. At that time one of my friends had sent me a lot of places to look for more recipes to try and my computer started to crash from low virtual memory, meaning it was being on too long and that I was expecting too much of it at that point. While it was restarting and spybot was doing a scan, I managed to get out one piece of art before i returned to my computer and forgot everything else.

New day, new set of goals.

Today I have to clean the Bathroom I didn't clean yesterday, make up for lost time by Reading 205 Pages Of Book And Taking Notes, Practice Hiragana,load some Cafepress Designs, post on my Gaia Guild, Practice Violin, work out with my Belly Dance DVD, Work On My Doll, Practice Calligraphy, and mom's most likely going to send me out to the grocery store again.

I better get started with at least one thing. I will let you guys know how this goes.

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