Money Problems

Hey guys. Well, yesterday could have gone better. All that I got done was Money Making, and Drunken Pixie Production Planning. Which doesn't end up helping me out much. Money Making under what I currently do only gives me $0.05 a day. Which is no where near what I want to make or what I should make. I just calculated that to do what I want to do and be able to save money, I should be making roughly $80 a day. Needless to say, there's kind of a huge gap between $0.05 and $80. And even if I went to Labor Ready every weekday, that'll only yield $50 for that day I work. Assuming there's work for me to do. So needless to say, I need to find more ways to earn that extra income. Even if I have a regular job, my luck with minimum wage jobs don't work that way and I probably wont earn what I want to be earning. But none the less, I'll pursue my attempts to try and head ahead in life, even if I feel like I'm drowning doing it.

I just saved a whole bunch of ideas for when/if I move into a house. While I'll mostly only have the room I'm renting to work with, I still want it to work with me. Though I will say, going through all the facebook pictures I can finding idea took hours. It's amazing what kinds of things people share.

Well, I best attempt to get to work.

List for today:
Writing: Book
Writing: Play
Writing: Script
Writing: Short Story
NESTalgia 1/2 Leveling
Brushing Teeth
Chain Mail
Money Making
Belly Dance DVD
Job Search
Drunken Pixie Productions Planning
Moving Phase 1
Moving Phase 2
Moving Phase 3
Moving Phase 4
Moving Phase 5
Moving Phase 6
Moving Phase 7
Moving Phase 8
Moving Phase 9
Moving Phase 10
Moving Phase 11

Wish me luck. :)

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