Getting Closer to Christmas

Hey guys. Sorry I didn't update anything, but things are still kind of chaotic here. But I still plan on updating everything. But as Christmas is less than a week away, I'm not holding my breath. Especially since I'm knitting something for my youngest cousin now.

I'm just going to get myself moving.

To-Do List:
Etsy Products
Etsy Teams
Etsy Shop Building
Reading Book 1
Brush Teeth 1
Brush Teeth 2
Job Search
Step Aerobics
Clean Out Car
Clean Room
Plan For AnimeNext
Rearrange Packed Boxes
Edit Paranormal Encyclopedia

Knit 1st inch
Knit 2nd inch
Knit 3rd inch
Knit 4th inch
Knit 5th inch
Knit 6th inch
Knit 7th inch
Knit 8th inch
Knit 9th inch
Knit 10th inch
Knit 11th inch
Knit 12th inch

Wish me luck! :)

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