Hard Reboot

Hey guys. I know it's been a long time since I last posted on my blog. Things have been a bit chaotic especially with moving, moving again, jobs, and all sorts of things. And my massive clinical depression has been a huge problem. The curling up in bed feeling empty, nothing, sad, fearful, and/or miserable certainly hasn't helped with things.

But as far as this blog goes, I am going to be doing a hard reboot on all of this. Redoing my entire list and starting over from scratch. My life is completely different from what I had before so I need to take a look at my goals and work on them.

Currently my Etsy shop is down until I feel I can keep up with it once more. If you were ever interested in the products I made in my shop, leave a comment below, chances are I still have it and just need to find it, we can work something out and I can ship it to you.

I think I need to make writing a bigger portion of my list, I really would like to get a book published and maybe it'll alleviate some of the financial and emotional issues I've been having.

I definitely need to work out more, but I need to find my gym clothes or get new ones first. And probably get a water bottle as well. So I'm going to go back to MyFitnessPal even if I can't keep up with it like I used to since food is chaotic until I work on the food stamps I'll need.

I am going to have to start over on my language learning since I have forgotten pretty much all of what I used to know. If anyone has an tips for learning German, French, and/or Japanese easier for free, let me know in the comments

I'm going to try and make it a habit of keeping some form of cleaning on the list everyday. Even currently living in a hotel room leaves me with lots of cleaning since me and my fiance are not very clean people. Though I need to budget in a vacuum cleaner since I don't know how theirs works.

So I'm going to do Daily: Writing: Book, Writing: Script, Writing: Short Story, Reading Book, Brush Teeth, Workout.

When it hasn't last been done: Laundry: Darks, Laundry: Work Clothes, Laundry: Lights, Laundry: Whites, Laundry: Towels, Dishes, Bathroom, Clean Room, Foyer, Clean Out Car

Mondays&Thursdays: German

Tuesdays&Fridays: French

Wednesdays&Saturdays: Japanese

So lets try and get to work:

To Do List:
Writing: Book
Writing: Script
Writing: Short Stry
Reading Book
Brush Teeth
Laundry: Darks
Laundry: Work Clothes
Laundry: Lights
Laundry: Whites
Laundry: Towels
Clean Room
Clean Out Car

Wish me luck! :)

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