Getting back on track, whoo!

Hey guys. While yesterday could have gone better, I'm at least happy I've gotten stuff done.

What I got done:
NESTalgia 1/2 Leveling
Chain Mail 1&2
Clean Out E-mail
Youtube Video
Job Search

It took me a while to decide on what to post, so I finally settled on a random fact and try and get used to my webcam.

I probably should have just done another thing where I act out Geebas on Parade but I still wanted to get my webcam some use. I need to figure out how to get the quality u for this supposed HD camera.

Anyway, I don't think I have any news the post, so I'll just get to work then.

List for today:
Cafepress Shop
Etsy Teams
Etsy Products
Etsy Advertisements
Writing: Book
Writing: Play
Writing: Script
NESTalgia 1/2 Leveling
Brushing Teeth
Chain Mail
Money Making
Job Search
Ballet DVD
Kickstarter Project

Wish me luck. :)

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