Dry Spell

Hey guys. Wow, I'm in a really bad dry spell. I guess with worrying so much about moving, money, work, and every other little thing I'm doing, I either try and get my butt to work unsuccessfully, or I feel like I need a break and end up with hours playing minecraft or something.

Well, today, I'm so far delayed an hour before going to work. Hopefully I get rained out so I can also have a meeting today. And hopefully at least clean my room so I have room for the projects and everything.

List for today:
Gaia Guild Updates
Writing: Book
Writing: Play
Writing: Script
Webcomic Writing
World of Warcraft 1/2 Leveling
Reading Book
Brushing Teeth
Chain Mail
Money Making
Clean Out E-Mail
Belly Dance DVD
Clean Room
Youtube Video
Summer Cleaning Phase 3
Summer Cleaning Phase 6
Summer Cleaning Phase 7
Summer Cleaning Phase 9
Summer Cleaning Phase 10
Summer Cleaning Phase 11

Wish me luck. :)

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